Be pirate, do gay

Chapter 1

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[Bridge of the Diana, Tanith and Laura are on their chairs, with the view facing Tanith from the front and showing her head to shoulders. Tanith is wearing her sword with a pink handle on her back and looks a bit unsure.]
Tanith: Huh, that doesn't look like they're wearing an EE uniform. D., can ya trap them?
Dea ex Machina: Certainly. Locking both doors to the room in question.
Tanith: Cool- [briefly closes her eyes and grins] How much time left until we gotta catch that ship?
Dea ex Machina: 29 minutes.
[Tanith looks to her right at Laura.]
Tanith: K. Ya ready, sis?
Laura: Of course, Tanny. Let's go.
[Tanith is looking in the direction of the viewer with a bit of a stern face.]
Tanith: D., ya keep the engine running n stuff, y'know the drill.
Dea ex Machina: Positive.
[Laura and Tanith stand in front of a door.]
Tanith: Ya wait here, I go in.
Laura: Okay.
Tanith: D., open that door!
[In the hallway behind the open door, a mysterious figure gets frightened and hides behind 3 fluffy tails, sitting on the floor, not moving.]
[Tanith enters the hallway, sword drawn, Laura is barely visible behind her, barring her eye glowing in the darkness.]
Tanith: So, ur our visitor. What brings ya here? [The view is only showing part of Tanith's leg now, where the handcuffs are. Tanith reaches for her handcuffs.]
[The view is looking at the side of the door.]
Foxgirl: [Sprints past Tanith into the darkness behind the door.]
Tanith: Damnit.

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